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affordable advertising

We offer an important platform through which companies and different organizations can advertise their products and services. We have a wide readership across the region, and at affordable rates you can enrol your advert on our website and/or in our magazine. Please fill the contact form, call or drop us an email should you be interested in partnering us.

There are two options that you can choose from. You can elect to have your advert appear in our magazine for at least one month, although the more months you enrol your advert, the cheaper it becomes for you. Our innovative business model offers much flexibility in advertising. Whether it is advertising for a business based in Lusaka Zambia, or it is about a product made in South Africa, the web advertising packages can be enrolled for on a daily rate, although this differs according to the size of the advert, and whether it is still or is a slideshow. The advantage with advertising on the website is that you have so much flexibility with regards to the period that you can enrol for, thereby meeting any budgetary constraints or short term objectives that you might have for a campaign, for instance.

Our core focus is Southern Africa centric, therefore if your business has a regional focus you can economise by using our advertising offer. You might no longer need to be invested in advertising across a number of outlets in different countries, but use The Southern Economies as your one-stop shop advertising solution since we distribute locally and regionally. The Southern Economies is our flagship product that we try and disseminate relevant business, trade and investment related content across the region with. Therefore, apart from advertising on our website, you can also get your message across to the customers by getting your advert inside The Southern Economies’ monthly bulletin.


We are offering promotional rates this November and December. We can help get your product to the market at both the local and regional levels.


We have put together useful trade and information that you may require as you expand your business. The market is much bigger that you thought!


This is a special offering where we dedicate an entire article on your business. Contact us to day for and you will get value for your money.


We will launch campaigns in order to  reach all parts of Southern Africa. Sponsor a gift pack for any of our readers!


Alternatively, going for a sponsorship deal is another way that you can get your product or service out there to the customers. This may be ideal for you if you want extensive coverage of your products and services. It could be a restaurant business, or any other type of business that you are running. On a sponsorship deal we feature your business, products and services as a feature article. This can prove to be the most effective strategy that you needed all along. With this service we will do some bit of research about your company, with you providing us with the content or areas that you want us to emphasise on. Our talented writers can then complete the job by putting everything together as an interesting article but also a powerful advertorial message that can make a really big difference for your business. 

Partner and contribute

Business, investment, trade and socio-economic content, be it relevant events reporting or articles are welcome. Content submissions must be made before the 15th of the respective month. Sending in an article does not guarantee that it will be published in The Southern Economies. If an article is accepted, it will be subject to our editorial policy as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.

Businesses with both local and regional focus are also invited to advertise their products and services, as it is the primary objective of “The Southern Economies” to soften the physical country frontiers and make them more malleable to business, trade and investment.

We have very affordable promotional advertising rates for July and August 2017!!